April 4, 2022

The Breeden Company partners Eggleston and with other management companies in Hampton Roads

In the last few years, the Hampton Roads Advisory Committee has invested their time in developing strategic partnerships with local universities and trade schools for the purpose of promoting the multifamily rental housing industry and bringing in new talent. In 2021, committee members expanded their outreach efforts to other area organizations to promote open positions throughout the industry in our market. They were, specifically, successful connecting with Eggleston, a Norfolk-based non-profit organization with many “arms.”

Eggleston assists individuals with disabilities, those who are housing unstable and previous military with many avenues for community success including on-the-job training and connections with area companies. As a collective group, members from Drucker & Falk, PRG, S.L. Nusbaum, Palms Associates, The Breeden Company and The Lawson Companies provided applications and open position information to Eggleston. Committee members met virtually with the various department heads at Eggleston to communicate and reinforce our mission of gaining more industry team members.

The journey of VAMA and Eggleston is showcased in the below video. We hope the video can be an influence to other organizations to connect with VAMA and it’s members, to be a success story for Eggleston and their continued efforts and to tout our Hampton Roads Advisory Committee's efforts!

Watch the video here.

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