August 1, 2022

The Breeden Company Remains A Top Multifamily Property Management Company in the Country

Multi Housing News

Multi-Housing News released their top property management firms in the country for 2022, and The Breeden Company remains on the list. "Strategy and teamwork account for the success of The Breeden Company throughout the pandemic," said Breeden Company CEO, Tim Faulkner. "The pandemic created a scenario of having to make greater calculated decisions down to the minute details to continue the growth of our organization through the unprecedented time. An organization must also have an executive leadership team in alignment with those decisions in order to have decisions turn to fruition. That is how we thrived."

This year’s Top Multifamily Property Management Companies list includes 50 firms with a combined 3.05 million units under management. To see the complete list of top multifamily property management companies in the country, click here.

About The Breeden Company

Nationally recognized, with over 60 years of expertise in every facet of the industry, The Breeden Company is a vertically integrated real estate development organization that boasts market-leading divisions including commercial real estate, multifamily property management and construction. With a portfolio of over 20,000 apartments and 2 million square feet of retail and office space that have been owned, managed and developed, The Breeden Company is one of the premier real estate development firms in the nation. Breeden Realty is one of the top commercial real estate firms in Virginia (Virginia Business, 2021); Breeden Property Management is one of the top multifamily property management firms in the country (Multi-Housing News, 2021); Breeden Construction, the much-acclaimed multifamily general contractor for numerous third-party clients, is one of the top multifamily builders in the country (Multi-Housing News, 2020).
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